Paramita Sound

Launched in 2014 as the brainchild of a spirited entrepreneur, record enthusiast and music magnate, Paramita Sound has quite literally added a smooth and undulating frequency to the fabric of Detroit, evolving quickly from a new record store into its own neighborhood music mecca in the city’s historic West Village neighborhood.  

They explained to us upfront, the concept of ‘Paramita,’ is a paramount of sorts, something great to be achieved. And with that, soulful and spiritual inspirations came together to produce the open waveform of the Paramita mark, rising and falling around the central peak. Since opening their doors, Paramita Sound continues to further their imprint on the Detroit community with regular programming as part of a continuous culture that’s been wholeheartedly embraced by those closest to the center. As a testament to their devotion to the brand and its mission, each of the founders proudly wear the mark of Paramita on their bodies, tattooed in peace and permanence.



Retail, Special Project


Branding/Identity, Art Direction, Environmental, Web, Print

Project Credits

Branding / Identity
Joshua Smith
Art Direction
Zach Poley
Signal Return


Graphics Partner
Modern Sign Studio