The Utmost Group

The Utmost Group is a boutique communications firm and brainchild of veteran marketing executive and creative strategist, Chris Grindem. After decades in the global ad industry, and stints in Fortune 50, higher ed and startup realms, Chris chose to build something of his own. Bringing together years of experience and industry ties, he came home to Detroit in earnest effort to share his experience, skills, and passion in the city’s revitalization.

When Chris approached us with Utmost, the brand identity was needlessly stodgy and  indicative of the old order of things. After finding exponential success teaming with a number of Detroit-based creatives and organizations, he was ready for a revamped brand image that would more accurately reflect The Utmost Group’s strength as a highly skilled, accessible and hip-to-the-groove creative strategy provider. We lead with a trustworthy yet invigorating matchup of navy blue and electric teal, along with friendly and clear typography. The Utmost package comes together with application of the palette to a range of fashionable geometric patterns that signal a tasteful and strategic business practice with a networked connectivity to other creative movers and shakers. We completed the work with a custom website and complete set of printed business collateral.





Branding/Identity, Art Direction, Web, Print

Project Credits

Art Direction
Joshua Smith
Design / Collateral
Lisa Nettler